Application development

Do you need a Web App, a Mobile App or a backend service? Or perhaps all of them?
Contact us, and we will help you to figure out what you need.

Here is what we offer

  • Native iOS mobile apps using Objective-C or Swift
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps using React Native
  • Web apps using React and latest Web technologies
  • Javascript library and SDK development
  • Backend services using Serverless technologies
  • Backend development using REST endpoints or GraphQL
  • Database development using relational or NoSQL databases
  • Amazon Web Services related configuration and development
  • Chat bot applications

Software of the highest quality

We develop software in a professional way.
The projects are properly planned before development starts.
We think about the technologies that we choose for each project separately.
We guarantee quality by using version control, writing automated tests and by using continous integration.

Online Training

Do you have some software problems that you want to solve yourself but you don't know how?
We can help you out by providing tailored trainning for your company

For example we can teach you

  • How to create mobile apps with React Native
  • How to develop hybrid apps for Web and Native platforms with React Native
  • How to develop responsive and progressive Web apps that scale for all screens and load fast for users
  • How to develop backend development Serverless with AWS
  • How to architect scalable applications in the cloud
  • How to migrate existing applications to Serverless

Who we are?

We are Marcia Villalba and Krister Kari, two experienced developers from Finland.
Together we have almost 30 years of experience developing applications.